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The nervous system is the interface between an organism and its environment.  Neuroscience, therefore, can provide critical and sensitive tools to help understand how organisms respond to change. The Puerto Rico Center for Environmental Neuroscience (PRCEN) promotes integrative approaches that combine the ecology, biology and chemistry of four interconnected Puerto Rican ecosystems (marine, estuary, terrestrial, and freshwater) with state-of-the-art research into the molecular/cellular neurobiology of organisms living within those habitats to create a novel field that requires participants to move outside of their comfort zones and learn about entirely new areas of research. PRCEN is a NSF Center for Research Excellence in Science and Technology (CREST).


Marine systems: A mechanistic understanding of calcification in Puerto Rican coral reefs.
Estuary systems: Consequences of estuary contamination on crab heart and neurosecretory systems
River systems: Impact of anthropogenic changes in Puerto Rico urban rivers on behavior
Terrestrial systems: Physiological and molecular consequences of environmental change on the nervous system