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Nov 10, 2015

Middle school visits PRCEN labs and interacts with students

November 6, 2015. Teachers and students of the Middle School Carmen L. Feliciano (EICF) of Rio Grande, a member of the Sustainable Schools Program (PES) of the Corporation for Environmental Sustainability (COSUAM of Puerto Rico), visited the Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras to participate in an educational scientific event. The visitors met faculty members, interacted with graduate and undergraduate students from PRCEN and the Department of Environmental Sciences, participated in conferences on environmental issues, observed demonstrations and experiments, and visited scientific research laboratories for an enriching educational experience. Forty students of eighth and ninth grade and three teachers with Ms. Arlene Gomez, science teacher, Ms. Ortiz Yomaira, Teacher of Mathematics and Mr. Miguel Quiñonez, Master of Social Studies and distinguished PES Coordinator, enjoyed the activity. The event was coordinated by Dr. Ángel Torres Valcárcel, Director of the PES and Dr. Claudia Patricia Ruiz, PRCEN Education Coordinator.

Participants included Dr. Jorge Ortíz Zayas, Department Chair, Dr. Loretta Roberson and Dr. Alonso Ramírez and their students of PRCEN, Dr. María del Pilar Angulo and Dr. Clifford Louime of the Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainability, Dr. Elvia Meléndez Ackerman, Director of the Tropical Plant Lab, and Dr. Carlos Toledo Hernández and Mr. Samuel Suleimán of the Sociedad Ambiente Marino. Thanks to all for their participation!

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