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Puerto Rico Center for Environmental Neuroscience (PRCEN) Graduate Research Fellowships


Exceptionally, because of Hurricane “Maria”, we are accepting applications on a rolling basis until the end of this academic year from MS. and Ph.D. students in Environmental Neuroscience for fellowships ending:

August 31, 2018.


Applications should be sent to:


The PRCEN Fellowship Admission Committee will examine monthly all complete applications, submitted electronically to the above address and before the indicated deadline (Midnight, PR time) of each month, for an earliest starting date on the first of the following month. Specifically:

- Deadline Jan 15, 2018; Starting date: Feb 1, 2018, Ending date: August 31, 2018


- Deadline Feb 11, 2018; Starting date: Mar 1, 2018, Ending date: August 31, 2018


- Deadline Mar 11, 2018; Starting date: Apr 1, 2018, Ending date: August 31, 2018


- Deadline April 15, 2018; Starting date: May 1, 2018, Ending date: August 31, 2018


- Deadline May 13, 2018; Starting date: June 1, 2018, Ending date: August 31, 2018


Projects performed with one of the participating PIs (= sponsoring PI) in the PRCEN-II grant (click HERE for a complete list) will get priority. Project performed with other sponsoring PIs of the UPR, and who are based in Puerto Rico, will be considered and are encouraged, if they meet the basic requirements of having (1) an environmental and a neuroscience component and (2) are a good fit for the proposed specific aims (SPAs) of the grant (click HERE for SPAs of the PRCEN-II)


Major evaluation criteria will be:

- Neuroscience and Environmental components of the proposed project

- Fit to the proposed aims of the PRCEN-CREST grant

- Robustness of the proposal


Admission Committee:

- Martine Behra (

- Tugrul Giray (

- Maria Sosa (

- Bruno Marie (

- Beatriz Zayas (

- Mark Miller ( – Ex officio member


Application instruction and needed documents:


Please submit electronically (to: all the following 6 items (1 to 6):


1. Project SPA, written by the student in their own words (one page, see a proposed standardized format Click HERE)

2. Most up-to-date official transcripts of graduate and undergraduate grades (Minimal GPA of 3)

3. A letter of recommendation from the PI on the proposal, (who will briefly describe his/her commitment to the proposed project)

4. A letter of recommendation from another Professor/PI

Recommendation letters should be submitted by each PI directly, but it will be the applicant’s responsibility to make sure that both letters have been submitted on time.

5. Biosketch (modeled on NSF-Standard), which should contain all necessary administrative information, namely: (1) full name, (2) student number, (3) enrollment status (University/campus/program/year…), and (5) email contact. Please, do not provide the SSN.

6. Career objectives Statement (one page, which should clearly describe the short-term and the long-term professional objectives with a timeline, and the intended means to reach them)


An application will be considered complete when all 6 documents have been submitted electronically to the proper email address ( on or before the indicated deadline. Following each monthly deadline (see above), all complete and properly submitted applications will be evaluated by the Admission committee.


The selected candidates will be invited for one-on-one interviews with 3 different members of the admission committee, prior final approval.


Upon admission, the graduate research fellow and his/her mentor will sign a binding agreement form certifying that upon accepting the fellowship the student and the sponsoring PI will follow all guidelines and rules (click HERE for a complete description of guidelines and rules).


Note: Applications for graduate fellowships for the following full academic year (Sept 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019) (renewal, and new) will be an independent process, that will start during Summer 2018 and will be announced here, in a timely manner.


All fellows will submit an annual progress report (PR) (click HERE for standardized PR form) and the sponsoring PI will submit a written evaluation of the student’s performance. Both will be due no later than August 1, 2018.

Evaluation of the annual reports will be performed by the Educational Committee and will be an important part of the fellow-initiated application for a one-year fellowship renewal.


Educational Committee:

- Martine Behra (

- Alberto Sabat (

- Bruno Marie (

- Beatriz Zayas (

- Maria De Jesus (

- Andrew Seeds (

- Omar Perez (


No fellowship will be automatically renewed from one academic year to the next. A graduate student applying for renewal will have to follow the same rules and deadlines as for new application and as described here.




Funding provided by NSF CREST (Centers of Research Excellence in Science and Technology)