Visiting scientists

The Visiting Scientists Program will bring individual neuroscientists and environmental scientists (and potential environmental neuroscientists) to the Institute of Neurobiology (INB) or UPRRP Campuses for one to six weeks. Often this extended time is useful for establishing an ongoing research project and collaboration, lecture series, workshops for the transfer of new methodology, establishment of collaborations, writing manuscripts, or preparing research proposals. From our past experience with the Neurobiology Seminar Series and the summer Tropical Neuroethology course at the INB, the presence on campus of visiting scientists from major research laboratories will provide further opportunities for their active and direct interaction with the Center community. Funds are being requested for the support of one Visiting Scientist per year and we have already received letters of commitment from seven researchers across the nation who are highly interested in collaborating with the proposed projects. A visiting scientist apartment is available at the INB that should facilitate the recruitment of researchers and teachers. In addition, the external advisory board members are from outstanding Tier 1 research institutions such as Stanford University (Dr. William Gilly), MIT (Dr. Judith Pederson), and University of Massachusetts Medical School (Dr. Steven Reppert) who have all expressed enthusiasm in the proposed research efforts and will provide expert advice on future directions and sustainability of the Center.


Visiting scientists participating in program:



Rob Rowan, University of Guam

Sept-Oct 2011

Pablo Artigas, Texas Tech University

Dec 2011

Diana Bautista, UC Berkeley

Feb 2012

Steve Zottoli, Williams College

Feb-Mar 2012